Saturday, February 09, 2008


Here are photos of what my quilt studio looked like in August. I basically hadn't touched anything since the day the movers put everything in there.
This first photo is the right side of the room, taken from the doorway.

Here is the left side of the room.
The movers put all kinds of stuff in this room. So some boxes left just because they actually went into other rooms.

Next step was to separate the fabric boxes from the "other stuff" boxes, so I could measure the amount of fabric I have. That's so I can plan how much storage I need just for fabric. So, fabric on the right side of the room, other stuff on the left.
I have 92,369 cubic inches of fabric. I'm not sure I really wanted to know that, and I know I didn't want DH to know that!
Here are the photos from today.

The right side of the room, with my current sewing set-up. Sorry - it's messy at the moment.

And here's the left side of the room. This looks more messy than it has been, because I had to take a bunch of stuff out of the closet. And notice my kitty Shade. He's supervising, as usual. Actually, he's irritated cuz I keep disturbing him while shifting boxes.

I have gotten 6 boxes of books and magazines put into the closet. There's one box on the floor of the closet that has magazines in it still. I need to get more magazine organizers for them because I donated some of mine to DH for his pottery magazines.
And I have discovered yet another box of books in the room! And I think there's at least one more box of magazines lurking there too.
I have lots of plastic bins at the moment, mainly because my sewing space at the previous house was maxed out on fabric storage. I have "specialty" fabrics in these (ie. batiks, kids' prints, reproductions fabrics, etc.). These will all go on the shelves (yet to be installed) when I get that figured out.
I also have bins of cut strips and squares. This is from Bonnie's Scrap User System from Quiltville. I can't tell you how wonderful it was for me to find her information! I have used Bonnie's system for about 2 years now, and I've made 3 quilts in a much shorter length of time than I could have dreamed possible. What a lifesaver! Truth is, I even moved a box of scraps that need to be cut up. I didn't have time to get to them before the move, and I couldn't bear to toss them.
So, next up is a trip to the store for more shelf supports and magazine organizers.
When DH came in the room today, and I proudly showed him the closet full of books, he said "It looks like you need to stop buying books!" I think I have to agree with him. *sigh*


  1. Sharon, you are making progress. How many books does DH have in his closet?

  2. I don't know exactly how many, but a lot less than I do! His bookshelf looks pretty wimpy next to mine!


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