Monday, February 11, 2008

Cats and Blogs

I thought I would show you my cats. They were being still long enough to photograph tonight. This first photo is Dunkel. He wasn't being too cooperative, but did hold still for one shot. He's hard to get a good photo of. He's a smoke-coat tabby. He has what I call "stealth stripes", and has a white undercoat. He doesn't like the camera.

This next photo is Shade. As you can see, he's been a very clever cat and has gotten the quilt off the back of the couch to make a comfy bed for himself.

My daughter Helga has started a blog about her writing. She's at 'Words Into This Darkness', and the link is on my sidebar.

Here's a cute project to do with buttons and cards. It's at How About Orange. Very cute, and could be great for a Valentine!

And I found this cute sock-doll post on homemade by jill. Great sock dolls! Jill's blog has made the list of "Blogs of Note" on Blogger. Way to go!

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