Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Show & Tell

I've never shown you the quilts I finished this year and displayed in my local guild's quilt show.  I've been such a slacker.

I wasn't as productive this year as I'd like to be, but I got 3 quilts done for the quilt show.  None of them are real big, but done is done!

First, I finally finished my 10 year old project!  It feels good to have this one done, and I'm looking forward to displaying this in my house after the holidays.

43.5” w x 54”h
This quilt is called "A Garden of Friends" and was made from blocks exchanged with my friends in California.  You can read more about this quilt here.

A closeup of the quilting, done by Shari Bahr, who also participated in this exchange.  All of the applique is raw-edge and it will fray when it's washed.  That makes even more lovely soft texture on the quilt!  

A detail shot of my liberated border. a la Gwen Marston.  Don't they look like little flags waving in the breeze?  I love those straight lines of quilting!

And a shot of the back, where I used up all the leftover bits from the border.  You can also see the lovely texture the quilting gives the quilt.

27" x 28"
This quilt is entitled "Love Notes From the Cat".  I know I've discussed this quilt on the blog before, but I can't find it to link for you.  I got the fabric from my sister, and it's so funny.  And too true.  I made the blocks improv-style, then had to use that cute cat fabric for the border.  I also used it for the backing.

left side of quilt

right side of quilt
These photos will supersize so if you double click on these photos, you can read the "love notes".

35" x 47"
And, just in time for the Christmas season, a new flannel quilt to snuggle with on the couch!  This was a "cheater" panel I bought a couple of years ago at a local quilt store.  I had planned on quilting this myself and never got to it.  And then it was "hiding" in a bag and got ignored.  So, when I was looking for quilts to finish for the show, I spied this one and decided it was time to get it done.  I added the red border and had Shari quilt this for me.  I briefly considered doing it myself, but I wanted it done for the quilt show and I knew that struggling to quilt this in August was really beyond me.  And Shari did a much better job than I would have!

A detail shot of the border.  Looks like there's a cold wind blowing!

And here's a photo of the backing with those cute ice skates and the wonderful flannel print I used for the binding.  I'm going to enjoy snuggling with this soon, as we've gotten cold weather now and actually had our first snow yesterday!

I fell in love with this fabric.  I had a pair of ice skates just like this when I was a kid in Michigan.  I inherited them from my older cousin Leslie.  I remember when I first got them, they were too big and I had to wear quite a few pairs of socks to get them to fit.  My sister and I went skating on the local lagoon.  Well, I mostly skated and she mostly fell down.  I wore those skates until they were so tight they were killing my toes!  Although, out in the cold while skating, my feet were numb anyway.  hee hee!   I was never really good at skating, but I had a lot of fun.

Well, I didn't get better from my icky cold last week, so I took myself to the Dr.  I was actually having an asthma-type thing going on as well as just being sick.  So I had a nebulizer treatment (a new experience for me), got some new inhalers and an antibiotic (for a sinus infection) and that helped.  I've been laying low ever since, and was starting to feel better.  I over-did yesterday, and didn't feel so good last night.  So, back to taking care of myself a little longer, I guess.  I need this to be gone before Christmas!

I did manage to do a little sewing for Block Lotto though!  It felt good to sew some.  Hopefully some more soon.  I have some Christmas secret sewing to do too!


  1. I love "A Garden of Friends". I hope you feel well soon. We have had our first snow storm too. Winter is here to stay!

  2. All three are wonderful but the first (flowers) and third (snowmen) are my favorites. I, too, had ice skates and understand those numb toes!

  3. luv these Sharon. Notes from a cat is pretty funny and quite relatable in our family. A Garden of Friends so pretty and a nice memory of California friends. Thanks for sharing with us

  4. Love the raw edge flowers! A group of my friends did a swap many years ago too, and I was too busy at the time to participate. Always have loved it and hope to make it some day!

  5. I LOVE those notes from the cat. So true, every one. Looks like you made a good showing!

    And, I know about overdoing it on recovery! Take it easy, the holidays are a marathon, not a sprint. :D

  6. Thank you so much for posting the link. I enjoyed Cheryl but I also enjoyed Cathy so much! I think I'm going to have to paint a quilt! I love your Garden of Friends. I need to do some raw edge applique.

  7. Yes. Work on getting better. I loved skating too, was never very good, but had fun. My secret sewing is done. Except for binding. Typical. We are in a winter weather advisory. Sewing and snow just seem to go together!

  8. I love the way all the quilts are different from each other and are all wonderful. I can just imagine people laughing at the quotes when the cat one was hanging at the quilt show. The flower quilt is such a pretty group quilt, so lovely that the raw edges will fluff up over time.

  9. Those notes from the cat made me smile - my cat would definitely leave those if he could. I love the idea of your raw edge applique fluffing up over time and giving an extra texture to your flower quilt - constantly evolving.


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