Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Welcome to Palindrom Week!  Today's date reads the same forward and backward.  Isn't that cool?

This post is an update on what I've been working on lately, so lots of "this and that".

Not the final layout, just a tease
I've finally gotten all my black and white blocks made, sliced, re-sewn and trimmed to size.  I started this project way back in January 2015.  This was a long-term project...and it really hasn't taken that long!  That kind of surprises me when I realize when I started it - only a year and half.  That's record time for me!  I've decided on the layout, gotten my blocks marked and I'm hoping to get it sewn together soon.

I had a little brainstorm while I was laying these blocks out and came up with an idea to mark my blocks easily.  Remember VHS tapes?  Remember they came with labels for the tapes?  Well, I dug in my tape storage and unearthed some of those labels.

I thought they would make great *free* labels for my quilt blocks, so I don't get the order they're laid out in mixed up when I pick them up to sew them together.

"action shot" of the labels 
Here they are, in use.  I go by row (letter) and block (number).  I always put the labels in the upper left hand corner, so I know which way is "up" on the block.  They work pretty well and the free part is good.  I'm being "green" and utilizing my resources.  Unfortunately, those resources are limited, so I don't know how much longer I can use this particular system.  I may have to find some blank price stickers or something.  Those would work just as well, they're just not free.  Hope you like my little tip!

Here is another quilt top laid out on the design floor.  I'm working on the border of this older UFO that was a block exchange with my friends in Calif. a *few* years ago.  10 or 15 maybe?  I don't even remember!  You can read more about this project here.

 I've been waiting for some border inspiration to strike, and it finally did thanks to Gwen Marston.  She used this border on one of her quilts and I really liked it.  Believe it or not, I still had the scraps from making some of these flowers and they were big enough to use!  Can you tell I never throw away anything?  I tell ya, folks, it's a blessing AND a curse!  *grin*

And....I'm letting myself start a new project!  I'm going to do the 'Basket Case' quilt by Cluck Cluck Sew.  I even got a jelly roll just for this - the first jelly roll I ever bought for me.  The jelly roll had 40 strips and the pattern calls for 42, so I had to add a couple of strips from my stash.  I did such a good job, color-wise, that I can't even tell which two strips those were.

Here are my jelly roll strips all laid out and paired up.  They are all batiks (Hoffman Bali Pops) and the color way is called "Lorikeet".  Very tropical and summery.

And here are my first two blocks.  You make two blocks at a time with this pattern, and it's so easy!  Now if only I wasn't so distracted with all my other projects so I can get back to sewing this!  I just can't seem to sew fast enough to do everything I want.  How about you?  Do you have the same problem?  Do you start or work on multiple projects at a time?  Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. I have that same blessing/curse thing going on here! I have a stack of address labels that were fed on a track through the printer. They are perfect for marking stuff! I have no idea where they came from. I'm going off the grid for a few days. Camping! If I get desperate for wifi I can go to McDonald's. I love all your projects!! All my projects seem to be long term these days.

  2. I buy some little round stickers that come in bright colors and label them 1-1, 1-2, etc., 2-1, 2-2 and always put them in the upper left hand side of the block so I can keep them in proper position when moving to sewing machine. It is so easy to get them turned wrong. The stickers can be bought at office supply or walmart. Didi

  3. I work on multiple projects all the time. I get easily bored so moving to something different keeps me working. Eventually they all get finished (at least the tops) and to me it is more fun this way. I love your split flower quilt.

  4. I love your black and white and your split flowers quilt. Was this a pattern your group followed? Your color choices are just wonderful. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  5. I love those flower blocks, and your border idea is perfect for them. I just got that book yesterday, so I recognized it right away!

  6. I'm surprised that the layout you showed for your black and white blocks isn't the final one! I quite like it the way you had it; it will be interesting to see how it turns out. I indulged in some numbered pins to help me keep my blocks in order. The only problem with them is that heat from the iron smears the ink used to mark the numbers if it gets too close to the pin head.

  7. Love the border on your stitch and split applique! It was such a fun exchange!!!

  8. Love the border on your stitch and split applique! It was such a fun exchange!!!

  9. I went back to just two projects (one being pieced, one quilted) for a while this year and it felt great, but somehow things have multiplied again, all by themselves and like you I constantly need just a bit more time than I actually have. I love the idea of that border with your flowers.


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