Friday, January 08, 2016

Secret Santa - Part Deux

On my last post, I promised that I would show you what I received from my Secret Santa.  Here is the wonderful, beautiful tote bag that J. made for me!  I love it!

It's a great size and I can fit what I need into it.  It's padded so well that I could use it for a case for my laptop.  The handles are padded and very comfortable to use.  And I  love the pattern AND the fabrics J. used for the tote.  Thank you so much, J!

I'm very impressed with the inset zipper.  I've never tried one of those before.

Here's the inside.  Two pockets!  And you can see how well padded it is.  J. did an awesome job on this - it's perfectly sewn and constructed.  

I just took it to a guild meeting today, and I even got the bulky guild camera in here with no strain.  The tote holds quite a bit of stuff.  I'm really happy with this one!

The Block of the Month for the Modern Quilt Guild in December was our choice of block in red and white.  So, inspired by Audrey's Tipsy Geese quilt on Quilty Folk blog, and the fact that I've had Sujata Shah's Cultural Fusion book for a while now and I've wanted to play with that, I made the wonky Flying Geese block.  I had to throw in the little bit of dots just for fun!

A couple of months ago, I decided I wanted to try the Rail Fence block from Sujata's book.  I made this sample with some old fabrics that were lying around.  (the question I asked my resident Linguist about whether I should say "lying" vs "laying" caused a 10 minute linguistic discourse!)  

Ever since I got this block done, I've been thinking about what fabrics I want to use for this quilt.  There are so many great ideas of what others have done using this block. (see the Cultural Fusion Quilts blog)  I've even pulled out a big pile of fabrics, but no decision yet.  I'm thinking of using some of my greens since I have so many of them I can't squeeze any more on the shelf!  But what to put with them?  Do I want all florals with them?  Do I want to put some purples with them?  What do I want to do????    So, my thinking cap is on.  I'll let you know when I decide!  

Maybe I should just start making one or two blocks and see what develops.  You know, not plan out the whole thing in the beginning but let the quilt evolve.  Hmmmmm.....

Have a great weekend!  I hope you get to spend some time being creative!


  1. You received a very very nice bag! Love both blocks. All your thinking cap ideas sound good to me.

  2. You are certainly fortunate to have been recipient of J's beautiful craftsmanship - thanks for sharing
    I think split rail wonky-ness works - will look forward to seeing your completed quilt.

  3. Love the tote--your secret Santa did good. I like your ideas for the rail fence, too, and can't wait to see what happens.

  4. It is a really wonderful bag...lucky you. As for planning...never ever do something like planning..lovely reds

  5. Great gift from your Secret Santa. You are making great projess on your rail fence


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