Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Little Eye Candy

When I was at the fair last weekend, I managed to get photos of some of the quilts there.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the names of the quilters, so I can't give credit like I should.  Some of these quilts were made for charity.

I love the boxer shorts!

A Quilt of Valor, made from a panel

A Seahawks quilt

I've been working on various projects lately, and I've made some progress on my long-term black and white quilt. 

first part of the blocks

It was so hot here that I could not stand to be upstairs in the quilt studio.  So I moved some stuff downstairs and set up my travel machine on the card table in the living room.  I only sew this project on my travel machine (due to seam allowance differences between my two machines), and so I managed to get quite a few blocks done in the heat wave . 

the rest of the blocks

 I've got about 8 more blocks of each color left to do.  But now the heat wave has let up, so it is put away for now, and I'm working on a different project upstairs!  Progress is progress and I'll take it where I can get it. *grin*

Thank goodness the heat wave has let up here!  Everything has gotten so brown and dry that we look like California.  The last couple of days have been quite cool and we've even gotten some rain.  Yay!  But it looks like the heat is back by mid-week.  Hopefully it won't get quite so scorching as the last time.  97.5* was too much!

Happy quilting!


  1. Looks like a fun project! Thanks for sharing the fair quilts...Love the one with snail trail and star blocks combined.

  2. fun quilts! thanks for sharing them

  3. Thanks for sharing the pix from the fair. I like your green quilt in progress.


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