Friday, May 08, 2015

Retreat Photos

A couple of weeks ago, I went down to California (S.F.Bay area, near where I used to live) and went to a quilting retreat with some quilting buddies.  I spent a few days at Katie's house before we went to Homewood Suites, where most of us rent suites (usually 2 people per suite), and then we have 2 good-sized conference rooms for everyone to sew in.  There were 15 of us, and there was lots of sewing, laughter, good food and more laughter.  I had the best time!  It's so good to see all of my California friends and get some sunshine.

Mission Peak, taken from the hotel
I don't have as many pictures to share as I should have.  I had a "brain fart" while transferring photos from the camera to the computer and lost a lot of them.  I'm not too happy with myself for that not-so-smooth move.  Ah well, life goes on.

While I was at Katie's house, I got to sleep under this beauty.  This was a log cabin that Katie used all polka dot fabrics to make (plus the white).  The group exchanged the dots (cut into 2 1/2 inch strips) and then were challenged to make a quilt with them.  This one just makes me smile!

A couple of detail shots:
I don't know why the white fabric looks pink in this photo.

Aren't these fun?  Makes me want to go play in my dots too!

This was the string quilt top that Katie made when we had the Great Spring String Fling a few years ago.  Compare hers to the one I made, shown below.

I wanted to be done with the quilt and just added simple borders, as it was going to be a charity quilt.  Katie was smart and used even more strings for the borders of her quilt top!

Once at the retreat, there was much "show and tell" going on.  This is Carlene with her quilt.  (One of the few photos I managed to not lose)

Here is a Disappearing 9-Patch that Jill (I think) made.  Very bright and cheery!

Jill was a sweetie and let me borrow one of her machines to use, so that I didn't have to bring my machine on the airplane.  It was wonderful to not have the schlep a machine around the airports.  I had enough trouble carrying my laptop that suddenly was about 50 pounds heavier than normal.

Here is Katie's latest quilt.  She got this put together the first day.  She is still pondering what to do for borders.

Shari made this bag.  Very cute!

And then she made this one!  I love it!

And then Purple Pam made one too!  (check out her blog!)  Pam has the neatest bright purple featherweight machine and all her bags, cutting mat, etc. etc. are all purple.  I'm jealous!

I just had to get a picture of this.  This is a sweet stitchery that a friend made for Shari, and it's put onto an Altoid tin.  It says "tiny things" and even has some Hardanger work on it, and well as Shari's name.  Isn't this darling?  (Sorry this isn't the best photo - I lost that one.)

These are all 6 inch stars

After I showed Katie the photos from my workshop with Gwen Marston, she had to learn how to make wonky stars!  She "got" it pretty quickly and then went to town making stars!  

a total of 10 stars
I think she is officially starting a new quilt with these!  Knowing Katie, it's probably done by now.  She is the Energizer Bunny of quilting.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!  Tomorrow (Saturday) I'll be going to a tea that my DDIL is doing for her mom and me.  I'm looking forward to it, as she always does such a lovely job.  And then I'll be heading south to spend a few days with my sister.  DS is here to do the cat-watching for me, so this is my little treat to myself for Mother's Day.  I hope you all have wonderful celebrations too!


  1. I'm looking at the two quilts that you and Katie made, and amazingly to me her strips seem to curve - I think it's the way she put them together, very nice. So glad you had a good time hon and enjoy your tea and visit with your sister!~

  2. What a great time with friends. So happy you got to retreat!


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