Saturday, April 12, 2014

One Done, Three Begun

18.5 x 25 inches

I finally got this little preemie quilt quilted and done.  It's now ready to give away.  Yay!  Even a small finish is still a finish.

I did a very simple straight-line quilting job on it, and used some soft, sweet baby flannel on the back. 

#1 Begun

I've gotten more baskets done since I got home from my class with Gwen.  Still have at least another 4 to do, then I need to figure out what I want to do with them.  I'm not sure which part of that will be more fun.  *grin*

As I promised in my last post, here are my goodies I got at the Quilted Strait in Port Gamble.  An 8 inch square frame for some needlework I did, a purple with cats fat quarter (by Laurel Burch), some great labels fabric and some cute fabric to trim kitchen towels with.

Look at the cute selvage on the flower fabric!  It's ladybugs!

Here are two fat quarters that I received from the owner of the Quilted Strait.  These are the new made-in-America solids.  She gave everyone in the class two fat quarters, as she had just gotten the fabrics in stock.  They seem very nice, from what I can tell without undoing the cool folding job.

#2 Begun

A few weeks ago, I taught some of the ladies in my guild how to do Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Trips pattern.  The class was very successful - everyone got at least one block done and they all looked great!  But, it involved starting a new quilt!  I decided to use some of my polka dot fabrics.  Wow, I had a lot more than I had realized!  So, these were some samples to show the various layouts you can do.  Since I have a LOT of dots, I'm not sure how big this quilt will be.  As big as it needs to be to include as many dots as possible, I guess.  *laughs*

A few weeks ago, I found these blocks.  Can you guess what decade they're from??*  My friends in my very first quilting bee made these blocks for me.  Since I was the baby of the group, most of these ladies have now passed away.  I don't really care much for these colors anymore, but I do care that my friends made these for me.  I decided to keep them and see what I could do with them.  But I think they're kind of boring.  *yawn*

So, I tossed them up on the design wall to see what I could do.

#3 Begun

So, I've made 3 more blocks to bring the count up to 12.  And I tried to incorporate a little more contrast in the blocks I've made.  I know the block in the bottom left is a "humility" block.  I "fixed" that boo-boo THREE times, and it's still wrong, so it's staying!  Even though it bugs me.  Resisting. . . .

Now, I'm trying to decide what I want to do next.  These are 14 inch blocks, so I don't want to add much more size to this.  The Thinking Cap has gone on and I'm cogitating now.  Hopefully something will occur to me soon!   I don't know if it's a good thing or not, but I don't have many fabrics in these dusty blue colors anymore, and I want to up the contrast on the whole thing as well.  I'd like to have this one done for the quilt show in October, so I know I can't dawdle too long.  And I also don't want this to be boring and predictable.  So, that's the challenge I've given myself.  *gulp*  I hope that's not biting off more than I can chew.  I'll be keeping you posted as I hopefully make progress.

* These are the dusty blues from the 1980's.  Waaay out of style and favor!


  1. What a wonderful post. I love the preemie quilt. Can't wait to see what you do with your baskets. Hugs

  2. So much here again. LOL at your "fixed" block. Love it and leave it! That is pretty cool...a new quilt from vintage fabric. I didn't even notice they were "old"
    I hope setting the baskets is fun, sometimes that is the coolest part of all.

  3. All great projects. Your wonderful baskets make me want to join the fun. I think the bear claws are screaming for orange, maybe that would work? Have fun.

  4. Wow! You've been busy! Hope this roll continues!

    And P.S. I LIKE the 80's blues!

  5. In a couple of years those dusty blues will be back in fashion and everyone will be wanting them! Could colourful or white perle quilting brighten them up a little! I'm really loving your basket blocks!

  6. Your baskets are looking great! I vote for throwing in a bit of ruby red with the dusty blues! So glad we met!!!!

  7. I came back to look at that dusty blue again. When I read 14 inch block it hit me....
    the green blocks from last month at block lotto were 14 inches and can be any color....
    they might look cool with these! I know it gets bigger than you were thinking.

  8. how about cheddar sashing for those dusty blues. not a booboo - a fun discovery for anyone looking at the quilt. love the polka dot trips. I'd have a HUGE quilt if I tried to use up all my polka dots.

  9. The 'oops' is just charm factor. This one is going to be fun to see what you come up with! You can do it!

  10. Oooo, love the polka dot trips! May have to start making my own polka dot trips soon!

    I like Tonya's suggestion to sash those Bear Paws with cheddar. But it would also be fun to do something completely unexpected and current... Whatever you do, just have fun!

  11. Wow, lots going on over here with you! Gwen LOVE!! and her/YOUR baskets. I have always wanted to make some of these too!

    The minute I read about your vintage/80's bear claw blocks I laughed out loud when the thought came into my mind….you could do some words that say "the 80's called and they want their
    dusty blue fabric back"!!! LOL…LOL, well, it may not be that funny to you but it struck a cord in me because I have some mauve and dusty pale yellow in my stash!!
    I LOVE your 'humility' block too, adds to the interest!!

    Anyway, I'm impressed with all your creativity and progress!

  12. Wonderful quilts! I love the baskets, they look so cheerful. While I was reading about your dusky blues blocks, I thought of the 80's fabrics and possibly incorporating turkey red and an ivory/off white or a small ticking print, making it a patrioatic quilt? Whatever you choose, it will be just gorgeous ;o)

  13. I remember making one of these for you. There should be an oops in the one that I made too. hehe

    1. The odd ID above is from Karen - don't know what is with the weird ID.


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