Wednesday, February 26, 2014


After three loooong weeks, and amid many interruptions and distractions (Olympics, much?) I can proudly announce that my quilt studio is now clean and ready for me to sew.  Whew!  That was tough to get through.

The worst/best part, besides just slogging through it all, was all the discoveries of unfinished projects both recent and ancient.  Very distracting for me, because I want to finish them all NOW.   The photo above is the only (very ancient) project I let myself finish when I found it.  And I got it done in time for Valentine's Day.  Yay me. It only needed a bit of sewing on the side seam to close where I turned it right side out.  Oh, and then I decided that I really hated the tan hearts.  Why did I use tan??  I hate detest tan.  So the buttons seem to help.  It only took me one hour to pick out just the right buttons.  *groan*  See why I let myself only finish one older project?  But, done is done and that is a Good Thing.

So, in the area of distractions, I spent a little time in the pottery studio with The Potter.  I made some little trays for myself.  I like to use leaves on my pottery, but since it's the middle of winter there aren't many leaves available.  So, cedar tree to the rescue!  I'm really pleased with my cedar plate.  It's just the right size for some apple slices, or cheese and crackers, or whatever.

The Potter has a new square mold that I wanted to try.  It's just so little and cute!  So, I did find some violet leaves in the yard, although it was tough to find some that hadn't been chewed half-to-death by slugs.  The leaf impressions have been stained with green but there is no glaze on them.  I really like the look of the bare clay, and it is totally food-safe as it is high-fired.  I like to run my fingers over the clay to feel the impressions.  And this is my fave blue glaze.  It was fun to play in the pottery studio for a little bit, but I'd really rather be playing with fabric.

I went to a quilt show last weekend and as soon as I have some time to process those pix, I will do a blog post with quilt-y pictures.  I know you're all waiting with bated breath!

Now, off to the quilt studio!  There's fabric to be played with!


  1. Your oldie but goodie is sweet, even if it has the dreaded tan in it!
    I always equate Country Threads with tan. Is it from a trip to them?
    Your trays are beautiful. It is good to know that you will be creating new fabric messes!

  2. Finished is good! I love your pottery. I took a class once, it is hard! Yours look great, love the evergreen imprint.

  3. I adore your table mat! The tan hearts look stunning with the red, black and green. Congratulations on the finish, no matter how many years it takes! Oh, and big congrats on your new quilting studio! Belated happy blog anniversary wishes too.

  4. ooh, love the trays - playing with clay would be VERY distracting for me. hey, use the slug leaves. and a slug. hee hee hee.

  5. Congratulations getting your sewing room tidied. Isn't it funny when you find a projects that are so close to being finished. I love your hearty table runner, the buttons add some fun! Your trays are really gorgeous!! My mum is a ceramicist and used to try to get me to play with clay, I would say I didn't have the patience, now I make quilts that take ages to finish, lol. Tonya's comment about using a slug made me laugh!!

  6. Your cedar plate is great, as well as your violet leaves square plate. Remember to bring some of those down when you come for your next retreat. Are you able to attend retreat in April? Congrats on finishing your table mat. I like the addition of the buttons on the hearts, too. And congrats on getting through and organizing your quilt studio. Whoopee!

  7. Your trays are wonderful - so great! And the table mat is so cute. Fun stuff indeed! :)

  8. I love the blue plate! And I LOVE LOVE the new look of your blog. I haven't been here in a while, so it may not be that new, but I'm glad to see the update. Lovely. Also, you are inspiring me to attack my sewing mess. Mine, too, has gotten so deep.. I can hardly stand it myself. I am stepping over things and losing things and just frustrated with it. It makes sewing less fun. I KNOW I will love it when/if I get it cleaned up, but I hate to think of all the time it will take. Well, you understand, apparently. Wish me luck!

  9. Hi Sharon! It's been way too long since I've stopped by - my bad. Congratulations on getting your studio mucked out. That can be an overwhelming job for anyone. I absolutely LOVE your little plates/trays! Good call with the sprig of cedar and I wish I could handle that violet plate myself.

    BTW, I've used perle cottons to tie quilts in the past and it holds up just fine. Because it's cotton it tends to shrink down on itself a bit when washed. Hope you didn't bother with the Fray Chek. :- )


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