Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First Flimsy Finish of the Year

I finally finished to flimsy stage the Disappearing Nine Patch blocks that I showed you at the end of my last post.  They have been lurking in the quilt studio for years.  Yay!  So nice to have a finish.

44 inches square

At the end of my last post, I showed you these blocks in their unfinished state.  While I was trying to decide what to do with them, I got a quilt back from my quilter Shari.  When I trimmed off all the leftover backing edges in preparation for putting on that quilt's binding, I realized that the bits I cut off the back would be the right amount and color to be the sashing for these D9P blocks!  I love when that happy serendipity happens!

After I finished that top, I had some blocks left over.  The Thinking Cap went back on!  I realized that I still had enough blocks left to do another quilt if I played it right.

40 inches square

And here's what I came up with.  I tried quite a few fabrics trying to find the right fabric to work well with the blocks, and I'm really happy with this warm and cozy-looking plaid.  So now this one can go in the "finished flimsy" stack as well.  Of the two tops, I think this one is my favorite.  But then, I am partial to plaid.  *grin*

I'm so glad that I finally used up those Disappearing Nine Patch blocks after all these years, and I'm glad that I managed to make a couple of decent charity quilts with them as well!  These will both be lap quilts for some seniors in a local assisted living facility.   

I really enjoyed using my new design wall.  It's still set up in the living room, at the moment,  but not for long.  My moving the quilt studio into the living room didn't seem to be too popular with the rest of the family, so I will be moving back to the usual location now.  Although I did get more "help" than I usually do, Shade wasn't too happy that he couldn't be right next to me while I was sewing, which is his usual spot in the quilt studio.  And I got tired of having to go up or down the stairs, looking for the tool that wasn't with me when I needed it.  *heavy sigh*  The trick will be to get the studio cleaned up enough to actually get the design wall into there.  But having the design wall in the living room has gotten me to get more sewing done, knowing that I had a limited time in that location.  I wanted to finish what I was working on before trying to move the design wall, which actually worked out pretty well in the Motivation Department.  hee hee!  

I've been sewing even more projects, but I'll save the rest to show you later.  

Have a creative week!


  1. Congrats on the two tops. Will you quilt them yourself? I'm always extra happy when I finish a quilt that will leave the house especially when they are blocks or fabric that have been around too long. I sometimes set up my featherweight on my dining room table and I get so much done. I'd love to have a room near the kitchen as a sewing room. Not that I'm always in the kitchen but it does seem to be the household hub.

  2. 2 fabulous finishes ! Well done! Maybe you need another design wall, one for your sewing room and one for the loungeroom, :) then you'd have the best of both worlds.

  3. That is wonderful to have two more finished quilt tops! I can understand why the design wall in the living room worked so well. Too bad you couldn't have the best of both worlds.:)

  4. Love what you've done with the DNP blocks, so different from just sewing them together xx

  5. All your quilts are great. I like the idea of making "boy" quilts. Most quilters do tend to make little girl quilts. Lately I try to put enough color into my baby quilts so they could be for a little boy or a little girl. I would love to have a portable design wall. Maybe some day.....


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