Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Birthday . . .

to me!  Today is the big day. I'll be celebrating rather low key - just going to see the movie "Gravity" with my DH The Potter and DS The Kid, and then we're going out to dinner.  Should be a fun day!

Here is my big birthday gift - a new Brother sewing machine!  About a month ago, I heard from a friend about a Really Good Deal on Costco, so I had to get it. (Just checked out and it seems that this machine is no longer available!)  It only weighs 13.5 pounds.  It's so easy to more around, and easy to use.  I even figured out the auto needle threader!

The other gift I received is an art quilt!  I found this at the local art gallery that The Potter has his pottery at, and I fell in love with it.  My DH loves it when I do the shopping. *grin*

"A Favorite Path" by Bertha Moore
12 in wide by 14.5 in high
Bertha's favorite subjects for her quilts are landscapes and wildlife.  She is a local lady and a native Washingtonian.

I am as fascinated by the techniques Bertha used as I am by the actual image.

A detail shot.

Here I'm showing how most of the image is constructed and quilted on a piece of black felt, separate from the main body of the quilt. 

The back, showing the stitching Bertha did to quilt and to join the felt piece to the main body.

Here's the new home for the art quilt - in my upstairs hallway so I see it every time I go up or down stairs.  It fits right next to the piece I made - a silver-embossed birch leaf.  I think they suit each other nicely.

sneak peek!
Got my latest quilt back from my long-armer Shari the other day.  Gotta get the binding done on this before I show you any more!


  1. Happy birthday! Can't think of a better way to treat yourself than with a new machine and a beautiful art quilt.

  2. Happy birthday to your! What a lovely present, both the machine and the quilt! Lucky day!!

  3. Happy Birthday! Love your art quilt. It's so nice to treat yourself. Have a great time at the show with your family, the best present of all. ;o)

  4. Happy birthday to you! Looks like it was a good one judging from the presents.:)

  5. Happy Birthday to a fellow scorpio !! It's my birthday on Friday. Awesome presents, a sewing machine and a beautiful art quilt. I hope you enjoy the movie and have a wonderful dinner with The Potter and The Kid.

  6. Happy Birthday. Looks like some wonderful is going on for you. Have fun.

  7. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your new machine and quilt :)

  8. Happy Birthday !! Love your presents - have a great day !

  9. Happy Birthday! Mine is on Friday! What a great week for birthdays! I don't have any plans though. Love the machine...I am still working on the old Singer. I don't know what kind I want and the old one is hanging in there beautifully for piecing.
    The little art quilt is pretty. I never would have thought of sewing onto felt!

  10. Well, belated happy birthday! Sounds like you had a good day - or at least plans for one. You definitely got good gifts!

  11. Happy belated birthday! I like that new Brother machine you have, and your beautiful landscape quilt. Hope you had a great day.


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