Monday, March 04, 2013

One Done!

Scrappy Trips charity quilt, approx. 42 inches square

The Scrappy Trips quilt I was struggling with is finally to flimsy stage.  Yay!  This was harder than it should have been, but I finally got there.  The back is also done, and as soon as I get the binding made, it'll be ready to hand off at the guild meeting this week for someone else to do the quilting (because this is too big for me to do myself).  

I'm starting a little wall hanging (around 16 inches long) to fit a certain spot in my kitchen/dining area.  I've had the same little quilt up there for years, and it's time for something new.  I collected some Aspen leaves when we were in Nevada a few years ago; I brought them home and scanned them into the computer.  I printed out the scan and used it for my pattern for this.  I fused a hand-dye look fabric down for my "base".

I'll be adding these on top of those fused leaves.  These are hand-dyed dryer sheets that I cut out with the same Aspen leaf pattern.  I've got two layers here, just because it made a much more interesting color than one layer.  I had to fuse on the base in the previous photo because these dryer sheets don't really have enough "oomph" on their own to show up well.  I'll be stitching these down by stitching the veins on them - leaving the edges loose.  I've never done this before, so it's all a big experiment!

I seem to be flitting around the quilt studio, doing a little of this and a little of that.  I can't concentrate on any one thing.  I have 5 more blocks to do for my Low Volume quilt and it'll be ready to put together.  I've started making blocks for the Country Threads Block of the Month Quilt Along.  I got January's blocks done  today - only 2 months behind now!  Plus I'm mentally playing with ideas for my color challenge quilt, trying to decide what I want to do with it.  Quilter's ADD strikes again!  Bear with me, I'll have more to show soon.  At least I hope so!


  1. I like the off-center placement of the scrappy! I saw another quilt that was off like that. I really liked the look of it that way. That has been mentally filed into my someday file.
    The leaves are great! Nice experimenting!

  2. Well, I see you got some of that 'rust' out yo brain! ha! Love your Scrappy trip and the layout you decided on. Doing lap quilts is such a great idea!
    Interesting process doing the leaves and I like your colors too!

    If you're flitting around doing a little this and a little that then maybe soon you'll have several finishes!

  3. Love how your 'experiment' is coming along. I'm sure you will adore it hanging in your kitchen! With all your flitting about in the studio, I'm betting that something wonderful is simmering in your subconscious at the same time.:)

  4. Love the off center scrappy trips. So nice of you to donate it.
    Your experiment looks awesome. Love the cool colors and the shape of the leaves.
    Hang in there with the quilters ADD. Happens to me, too. I think it is just the natural rhythm of things.

  5. Good job on the Scrappy Trips quilt. I love the leaf mini quilt. At this point, I too am flitting from one thing to another and can't concentrate on any one project. But, slowly things are coming together. I use dryer sheets as interfacing. Have you ever tried reusing the shout color catcher sheets? These are heftier and easy to sew with. AND if you've used them to catch colors in the wash, they'll be "dyed" and ready to use.

  6. love your scrappy take on trip around the world..I may borrow this idea! and the leaf wall hanging is looking wonderful..very fun.

  7. Your scrappy quilt is wonderful. Isn't it nice to have it done and ready to pass to the next player. Your leaf wallhanging is great. I like that you did so much with the computer and hand dyed dryer sheets! Wow, you are really getting high tech girlfriend!

  8. I really like these leaves, what a fun project I bet this is.
    that blue border fabric really sets off the leaves wonderfully.
    can't wait to see more!

  9. Interesting leaf project. I like the effect the dyed dryer sheets give the quilt. NIce job!


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