Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Scraps Revealed

I'm finally getting around to posting the photos of my finished quilt.  I really meant to do this sooner, but you know how life can get in the way.  I was so busy last week that I didn't know if I was coming or going!  

Happy Scraps
60.5" x 79.5"
So, finally, here is my crumb quilt "Happy Scraps" for it's official photo.

And here is the back of the quilt.  I think I over-estimated how much backing I needed because most of the third strip of the log cabin on each side has been trimmed off.  But better than too small!  I'm still not real enamored of this backing.  I love the panel I used in the middle but I wish I had used dark fabric all the way around it.  Oh well - Finished is better than Perfect!

Here is a block that shows off the quilting in the sashing that Shari, my long-arm quilter, did.  She used a multi-colored thread, which I love.

Of course Corvettes and rubber duckies go together!  *grin*

And here is the border quilting and the binding.  The border fabric has every color except blue.  There's a lot of the light blue/turquoise in the quilt, so that's the color I picked for the binding.  I usually prefer a dark binding on my quilts, but this just seemed right for this quilt.

So, now I'm picking out fabrics and packing my gear for my class with Gwen Marston on Small Quilts this Saturday.  I'm so excited about this class I can hardly stand it!  Nifty Quilts and Buffy of Rebels blog are going to be there too!  Whoo hoo!  I'll see you next week with a report on the class..


  1. DARN YOU DARN YOU DARN YOU!!! You know I'm sooo
    jealous don't you!!!! Gwen Marston and bloggy friends!!!! Lucky you with your ducks and corvette quilt! HA!

    Now who doesn't like a good ole scrappy quilt with crazy prints mixed together!!! As for the back,I think your darker corner fabrics work in towards your center panel and fade out to the lighter ones well. In fact, your back could have been another whole quilt in it's self!!

    I'm going to go sulk now and be all envious of you a-l-l afternoon!

  2. great happy scrappy quilt. where is your class with Gwen? I'd love to take something with her sometime, but it seems she only teaches quite far from where I live. say hi to Nifty from me!

  3. I took a couple of classes from Gwen about 5 years ago. I love her style and quote her often - "Random does not mean evenly distributed". Works for me.

  4. Such a fun quilt! Good to have a finish.
    I know you'll have a great time in Gwen's class. I look forward to hearing about it.

  5. Love your Happy Scraps quilt. It does make me happy looking at it. You have given me inspiration to get busy with my crumb blocks.

  6. Awesome quilt Sharon, a very happy quilt! And I really love the back, I think it looks great with the colors. The quilting is wonderful! Oh I am GREEN with envy - have a wonderful time with Gwen - can't wait to hear all about it!!!

  7. Love Happy Scraps! Will look forward to hearing about your class!

  8. Oh you lucky lucky girl. Say Clare in France says hi. She's probably wondering why at every class/workshop she's given this year someone has said Clare in France says hi! Looking forward to reading all about it and don't forget to take photos!

    Corvettes and Ducks - that would be a great name for a lovely quilt.

  9. love this quilt - fabulous! that variegated fabric really works wonders pulling it all together. have a FANTASTIC time in class with Gwen, LeeAnn, and Buffy. woohoo!

  10. I think the back is fun! The front is great! It was fun meeting you in class today.

  11. Your scrappy quilt is so happy! Lots of fun to see you yesterday!!

  12. very sweet quilt with a wonderful back too. i'm so jealous about the gwen marston class!!

  13. Love your Crumb quilt and very envious of your class with Gwen Marston. I was so lucky to attend a one day workshop with Gwen on Liberated quilts a few years ago at our Quilt Group in New Zealand. She has such great ideas and is a fabulous teacher.


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