Monday, February 27, 2012

My Modern Hearts

Here are my blocks for the Block Lotto this month.  We were supposed to do the block of our choice that's a heart or has a heart in it, using pink, cream, orange and grey.  Very Modern Quilting colors!  I've always disliked orange and pink, especially together, but these new citrus-y oranges are winning me over. And I think they look OK with the pink too, although pink still isn't my fave.  Hmmm, funny how your taste changes over the years, isn't it?  I'm really liking these blocks!

The top block is from one of my old Debbie Mumm books, and the second one is using some pink/heart fabric I've had for quite a while in the center.  It's not really as crooked as it looks here - I just can't seem to get a straight photo of it.  These are all I'm doing this month, and so my fingers are crossed that maybe I'll win in spite of not making enough to have more chances.  

Here is the latest photo of my Halloween trips - 15 blocks now!  I only need 5 more - one more column - and I have 2 in the works and another one to fix.  I had cut one of the strips at 3 1/2 inches instead of 3 and didn't notice until I started sewing it together.  So, a little time with my seam ripper will be in order this evening.

Now I'm down to picking fabrics carefully to get the color balance I want (hopefully!) and to include my favorite fabrics.  I've decided this needs more green, for a start, so I found and cut more today.  I've getting excited about this, and am already thinking of what to do for the border and the back.  I'm hoping I can finish this by the end of the week.

Back to the Quilt Studio while DH fixes Ginger Chicken and pot stickers for  dinner.  Yum!

P.S. When did Blogger change the look of the pop-up comment form??  Weird - it must have been overnight.  It just kinda blew my mind.  LOL!


  1. Cute blocks! I agree with you on that citrusy orange. Good luck!
    Halloween trips is coming along very well. I do that, too, sew, sew, sew and then step back and see what I'm missing.
    Dinner sounds delish!
    Are you talking about the word verification? I took mine off because some bloggers were complaining about it. I don't think it is that big of a deal, but I haven't had any problems with spam so I guess I didn't need it.
    Happy sewing!

  2. I've never been a fan of pink either and am rapidly going off red and white!

    Love your Halloween trips quilt. That green is great!

    Yup - turn off the Word Verification. It's driving everyone nuts!

  3. Your hearts are darling!! And your quilt is looking great, what fun that must be. The new look on comments blew my mind too - it had to have been overnight!

  4. Looks like you are having lots of sewing fun. Love it all!

  5. I turned off my word verification when it took me 4 times to get the word right. You sound like my and pink, ack, yuck, they don't belong together! I kinda like them. I made her crazy one year when I put orange and pink flowers together outside. Today was my first experience with the pop up comment window! Hadn't seen it yet. When I saw your scrappy trips this afternoon...I dug out my strips and started sewing my own! I have one block that has a 2 3/4 strip. I not going to fix it though. Maybe it will be the start of a doll quilt or something, someday. I really dropped everything to sew....when I came back to the computer, your blog was still there!

  6. Yeah, Blogger is becoming notorious for pulling fast ones in my opinion. First the double word inkblot word verification, now the look of the comment window altogether. If it weren't a free service I would seriously consider transferring to another platform.

    I don't have a problem with pink and orange together. It's the gray that bothers me. I've seen pink and gray together in ways I like but orange? Not so much.

    Have fun with those Halloween strips!


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