Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sneak Peeks!

I have gotten 2 more quilts back from Shari the Quilter.  Dunkel couldn't wait and had to test one out right away.  He looks pretty comfy, doesn't he?

Sneak Peek #1

This one has been waiting for the quilting for quite a while.  I'm glad it's finally done.
I'm getting the binding ready to go right now.

Sneak Peek #2

Still debating binding options for this one.

I'm anxious to get these two done!


  1. "Thanks" for torturing me ;-)) your glimpses look very promising (no wonder Dunkel enjoys cuddling under it!)

  2. I can hardly wait till Dunkel's nap is done so you can show the quilt he is on. Both peaks are very interesting...

  3. They look lovely - can't wait to see! Dunkel looks quite happy, lol!

  4. These look like two great ones alright and I'm lovin' the fabric colors!!! The quilting is 'marvy' and the kitty is 'silly'!!!

    .....hhhmmm....I wonder how it feels to have a completed quilt............??????

  5. Love that green batik.

    Have you finished them yet?

  6. Dunkel is sehr Dunkel!!!
    and very süß!!


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