Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hello Again!

Happy Memorial Day to those celebrating it.  It's good to remember and reflect on the sacrifices our men and women in uniform have made for our country.  I come from a military family, so I understand what some of those sacrifices are. 

Stars for the 4th - 1989
Here's an oldie that I don't think I've shown before. 

I loved my class with Gwen, way back on May 13 & 14, and my visit with Grass Roots Sharon, who very generously had me as a guest in her home.  It was Quilt Heaven!  We ate, slept and talked quilts for 3 days!  And Sharon has quilts all over her house - all of them finished!  It was so much fun - thanks again, Sharon!

We had a blast with Gwen.  There is nothing like a room full of quilters having a good time to really get you going.  And a huge Thank You to Lee of Two Thimbles Quilt Shop of Bellingham, who got Gwen to come give the class.  Lee did a bang-up job of making everything perfect for this class.

Here are a few of the inspiration samples Gwen brought for Friday's Liberated Log Cabin class:

This was her latest one - a "summer spread" (no batting).

Of course, I loved the plaid one!

Here is what I got accomplished in class that day.  I can't wait to get back to this and do more on it.

Saturday's class was 19th Century Folk Art Applique.  Now, if you know me, you know I'm not really "into" applique.  I do a little, but it really doesn't excite me much.  But I just couldn't pass up this class!  I've always loved Gwen's approach to applique and I've always loved Folk Art.

This is Gwen's latest Folk Art applique piece.  All of her pieces are about this size, about 18" by 24" or so.  I can't remember what she called this - it's some tree that grows in the Midwest, that I had never heard of before.  I love the quilting she added to the fruit.  I guess this tree has very textured fruit on it and she wanted to capture that.

Gwen taught us how to fold and cut paper free-hand for our "templates". Lots of fun and very freeing.  Here's what I've come up with so far.

view 1

view 2
At the time, I couldn't decide which way I liked it better, but I've decided to do a combination of both views.  I may add something to the middle of the flowers, but that's it.  It's not too "purty" at the moment, but the possiblility is exciting me.

I also got to meet "in person" with Nifty Quilts, who was also in Saturday's class.  Check out the piece she made in the Folk Art class - it's super!

Next up for me is my guild's challenge.  We're supposed to do "an element of nature" - an art quilt.  I've got some ideas floating around in my head, and just have to get them transferred into fabric.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.


  1. I was going to email you because you hadn't posted and I've been dying to hear how the classes went. I love that plaid log cabin and Summer Spread is gorgeous - so very very Gwen. Your log cabin is going to be gorgeous.

    Really must get my head round appliqué as I love the ones Gwen does and LeeAnn's is great, as, of course, is yours.

    Hope you said hi :-)

  2. PS - love the new header photo.

  3. Gwen is so inspiring and so willing to help. I love what you did in her class. After working with Gwen I honestly don't even want to go to other workshops.

  4. Cute star quilt!! I was waiting to hear how your class went, so glad to hear you enjoyed it so much - she's the ONE teacher I'd love to take a class with! Well, there's lots of others, but if I HAD to pick one it would be her. Of course I love her quilts, and I love what you did too! I know it will be great when you've got it all together. The colors are wonderful. I love your flowers too - what fun, just playing with shapes!

  5. wonderful! wheee for getting to go and see all the quilts in person and spend time with all these wonderful people and of course Gwen!

  6. Love your new header pic. Your pieces are both going to be great. I'm quilting on my applique now. I saw Merry's, she has both tops finished, very cute! I signed up for May2012 class with Gwen yesterday.

  7. How wonderful that you got to take a class with Gwen! Bet that was the bright spot in this cold spring we've had. :- ) I believe I know what fruit that would be on her tree but right now I can't quite pull it out of the old memory banks... I am not dealing well with this stage of life!


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