Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today is brought to you by
 the number 10!

This date is so fun I couldn't pass it up.  It just called for a blog post!

It's been so long since I last posted (again), I have too much to show and tell you! 

Yesterday my quilt guild had a progressive lunch, which was a lot of fun.  We went to 3 different houses and had 3 different quilt-related activities or demonstrations.  We had about 12 to 15 people participate, and I think we all had a lot of fun.  And too much yummy food!

At the first house, we had scones, fruit and coffee.  Then we got to dye a silk scarf, with these fun dyes that were new to me.  These dye silk instantly, are non-toxic dyes and need NO heat setting and are permanent while wet.  It was so easy and fun.  Even the people that were a little scared of it were quite successful!

At the second house, J gave a little demonstration of yo-yos and hexagons, as many new quilters had asked her about them.  She was so generous - she had quite a few vintage 1930's Grandmother's Flower Garden units that she had received from a neighbor.  The neighbor had them from her grandmother and didn't want them.  Joanne had made many little projects with the yo-yos and was not going to use the rest.  So, we got to take home the rest! 

I fell in love with the graphic ones first, the ones at the top of this post.  I couldn't pass up that stripe nor the dots!  No one was taking the ones with the cheddar centers, so I took them too.  I think I'll make some small table mats with them.  I've already ironed them and started basting the edges under, which you might be able to see in the right-hand GFG above.

At the last house, we got to play with her long-arm!  I wouldn't call my attempt successful at all.  Oh well.

20 inches wide by 17 inches high
As I promised in my last post, here is the 'sister' quilt to Faultlines.  It remains unnamed, because I can't think of a good name for it!  (any suggestions??)  It was made for the same color challenge.  This is another log cabin, although this is the Courthouse Steps variation. 

This one was harder than it looks!  I have lots of left-over false starts.  This was paper-pieced and I kept getting the fabrics in the wrong place.  It was frustrating, and I sure wouldn't want to do a big quilt in this pattern!  At least not paper-pieced.

In this photo, you can see the quilting design I came up for the border.  Even after something like 10 years, I'm still happy with it! 

I was bothered by the empty white corners, so I decided to put buttons there.  I was inspired by a book on Crazy Quilts by Judith Baker Montano that my DD had.  I had fun doing them all as differently as I could think up!  I also added beads to the buttons.

Here's Shade, playing with his fleece mousie.  He's been begging to play lately, which just amazes me, as he didn't care for a long time.  He cracks me up - he's a goof-ball with his mousie!


  1. Oh Sharon -- a name for that quilt? Just tonight we were watching a 2 hr. Nat'l Geo. program on those crystal caves they've redently discovered in Mexico and they kept showing the connections between many of the caverns. Your quilt looks a LOT like the paths bwtween the caves. If you have a chance to see that program, watch it - it was amazing, like your quilt! Difficult to traverse from one area to the next.

  2. I'm extremely taken with this second quilt of yours!! I.LIKE. I have had plans to do one like this for a long time...the pattern I have is for a full quilt using 1" strips..YIKES!!! I'm with reminds me of ice/ icebergs!! Cool and soothing!
    Your little progressive quilt guild 'thingy' sounds wonderful!! That was a great idea and sounds like oodles of fun!!! 'Jackpot' on the little GFG hexies blocks too girl!!!

  3. So glad you survived your oral surgery. I think you could call your quilt, A Study in Teal.

  4. Boy did you score on those GFG's - those are fabulous. I had to laugh when I read your post title, very clever, wish I'd thought of it, lol!

    The silk scarf is just gorgeous. I'd love to try that. Non-toxic sounds good to me, about all I can handle, lol. Love your little quilt - no clue as to the name but I like your first two suggestions. Love what you did with the buttons.

    Ok, Shade is just too adorable....oh that expression cracked me up!

  5. My eye was immediately drawn to those graphic hexies. Lovely.

    I agree with Belinda. Your quilt reminds of the green in icebergs. If she's going to do a full sized quilt in 1 inch strips, then she's madder than I thought she was!

  6. Missed you!
    I love the idea of a progressive lunch with crafting, brilliant. I'll keep it in mind for our summer break from craft group next year, it'd be a great way to spend a summer's day.

  7. What a great day, I've never heard of a progressive quilting day, I love the idea! How could a day be any better, quilty friends, wheels rolling, good food! Wow! I too like the iceberg/crystal idea mentioned above.

  8. What fun. The log cabin quilt looks great with the buttons. And I bought some of that orange fabric myself not long ago. Not enough orange quilts and afghans being made these days!

  9. the progressive lunch sounds fun! go, Shade, go, get the mousie!

  10. You may have named the quilt by now but the first thing I thought of was "Sinkholes." The white 'blocks' look like they're dropping out to me.


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