Sunday, August 01, 2010

Oh Deer! Another Quilt Show

Here are some photos of the visitors to our yard one day this last week.  DH managed to get some good shots of them through the kitchen window.
We have quite a bit of deer coming through our yard.  They like the ivy, and they also use our yard to get to the park next door.   I really enjoy watching them.

OK, I'm really pretty behind here, but I wanted to show you some of the pictures of a quilt show I went to a week ago.  It was in Covington, WA and was a pretty big show.  Great quilts and lots of good vendors too!  Yes, I did a little damage.  Sorry, I forgot to get pictures.

As usual, my photography isn't great.  I swear, all the quilts really were hanging straight!
Baltimore Sampler by Jana Columbi
Beaded Squares by Rosie Kennedy
8 inches by 12 inches
It Started With a Square by Carol Cowan

Green Sampler by Loretta Edinger
Judy DeCelle's Cat Quilt by Anita Webb
cat quilt detail
Manzinita by Carol Cowan

Lolli Poppies by Sandra Fountain
Sunshine by Judy Von Bokern
Sunshine detail
Sweet Baby Girl by Rita Haselman
The Tea Cup Quilt by Cynthia Bergeron
Tea Cup quilt detail - the red work was done by embroidery machine

Their guild challenge this year was using any 3 or all 4 of the selected fabrics and then making a small quilt that reflects the seasons. 
Seasonal Dance by Joyce DeLurma
Seasons of the Northwest by Patti Schmidt
Seasons of the Northwest by Rosie Kennedy
Seasons of the Northwest detail
All of the ribbons were made by Rosie Kennedy
I thought the ribbons were beautiful, and a lot of work, especially considering how many ribbons there were!

Did you notice the announcement of Lazy Gal Tonya's book release over on my side bar?  I'm so excited about this!  And I'm also jazzed that two of the blocks I sent her are in the quilt that's on the cover!  They're "HOME" which is 4 rows down, and 2nd from the right and "MAKE" which is in the bottom right-hand corner.  All of these blocks were made by students and friends of Tonya.  She requested happy 4-letter words, made with her free-pieced method.  I love that lots of people made these blocks.

I've hardly been in the quilt studio since I finished my challenge quilt.  I knew that would happen.  It was just time for a break.  But we've got the county fair coming up in less than 2 weeks, and I have to turn in quilts this week.  I'm thinking I need to quilt and bind one of my little Lib Amish challenge quilts before they need to be turned in.  Hmmm. . . . I wonder if I really have time to do that?


  1. I enjoyed the quilt show. The deer are fun to see also.

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  3. Love deer but don't think I'd want them in my yard - my dog would go crazy, lol! Wow what a lovely group of quilts! And the ribbons are also a work of art.
    How cool that you have two words on Tonya's cover - I've been following her since I discovered blogs, she is quite amazing!

  4. Lovely selection of quilts there - I especially like the green sampler quilt. And congrats on your words being on the front cover of Tonya's book. That's great! Viv x

  5. fun quilt show. really partial to that Sunshine quilt. thanks for the book mention and I'm so excited your blocks are on the cover too!

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  7. Thanks for the quilt show - I especially like the Sunshine quilt and the Green Sampler. No surprise huh?

    It looks like I've got a block in that cover quilt too: Play. Woohoo!

    I like the new look of the blog. Nice and fresh. I really am going to update mine one of these days...

  8. I feel like I went to the quilt show with you. thanks.

  9. Congrats on getting your blocks on the cover quilt on Tonya's book. Also, thanks for sharing all the quilt show pix.

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