Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy but Stalled

I've been missing in action around these parts lately. I accompanied DH on a business trip last week to Skamania Lodge in the Columbia River Gorge. (we were there last September too - see this post) I had a wonderful vacation. . . while DH worked! All the wives that were there did some sightseeing together, and had a good time. However, I hardly touched a computer the whole week. I was just too busy. On the way home we stopped for a short overnight visit with my sister. That was fun, but way too short.

Since getting home, I've been trying to catch up on things, including sleep. We both got over-tired last week. "Too much fun", as DH says. Ha! Is there such a thing? And the kitties are very needy right now. . .they're always traumatized after a week in the kennel, especially Shade. (The lady at the kennel said she never saw him outside of his carry-crate.) So I have to spend a lot of time with them right now. And the allergies this year are really getting to me.

But I do have some things to show. I managed to get some sewing done before I left.

First is a charity quilt that I made. My guild is making quilts for seniors in wheelchairs, so the quilts don't have to be real big. My friend in CA sent me some patterns that she had gotten as free handouts from a speaker at her guild (Pat Fryer of Villa Rosa Designs), and this one was just exactly the right size. I tried to use only stash for this one (it calls for fat quarters), and did pretty good. But, I forgot to make sure I had enough for the border and the binding. I managed to use one of the fat quarters (that was really a regular quarter yard) for the border (without piecing it!), and I found something at the LQS that works great for the binding. So, this one cost me $4 and change! Woo hoo! I'll be making the back and binding, and then passing this on to someone else to quilt, as lots of the ladies in the guild have long- or mid-arms.

I made some very-belated Christmas presents for my sister. I haven't seen her since last October, so this was our first chance to exchange our presents. (We're always running a little behind) Anyway, this is the Humbug Bag. This is the largest size. I decided to use batiks, inside and out, because she loves them. I left her ribbons long so that she can add some beads to the zipper pull. These are fun. I hope you can tell from the photo that these are a fun shape and really easy to do. They're flat in one direction on one end, and flat in the other direction on the other end. Nice and roomy inside for storing things too.

This is the smaller Humbug Bag (hand included for size comparison). It fits inside the larger Humbag bag. I used some Asian-style fabric for this one, 'cuz she loves anything Asian. This one has an "antique" zipper that I found in my stash of zips. It's an "Invisible" zipper . . . can you even find these anymore?? I had a few technical problems with this (don't have the correct foot anymore), but it finally worked. I wouldn't recommend using the Invisible zipper for this again.

I made some pillowcases for my granddaughters' birthday presents. I was thrilled to find the "Brown Bear" fabric, as it had been the oldest girl's favorite book for a while. I'm not sure they were as thrilled with it as I was. I didn't use the trim piece this time, but used some rickrack instead. I think it's fun!

These pillowcases were supposed to be Christmas presents, but I couldn't make them after my accident. So, they became birthday presents instead. I had to pay attention to the fact that the designs on these fabrics ran lengthwise, so had to cut lengthwise instead of widthwise. After almost 30 years of sewing, I'm finally learning to recognize this!

When I visited my daughter in January, I discovered that she was using some potholders that were probably older than her! And they weren't very effective either. So, I had to make her some new ones. I found these garlic and mushroom fabrics on a field trip, and they were perfect as they're her favorite ingredients!

I made three potholders for her. One is the garlic with the rusty dot fabric, one is the mushrooms with the brown square-dot fabric and the last one is garlic on one side with mushrooms on the other. So, I had to show all the permutations.

Hopefully she won't be burning her fingers now!

Finally, I am slowly making progress with my Liberated Amish Challenge quilt. I've gotten all the 9-patches made. I got wonkier as I went, which was really fun.

This was a photo to help me decide which fabric to use for the alternate squares. The 9-patches are just kind of thrown up on the fabric to test the color. The final configuration will be a little different. This is a Cherrywood fabric in midnight blue. I have 2 yards of it, which would be enough if I were doing a straight set, but I think I'm going to set my blocks on point. After much painful math (never my strong suit), I've determined that 2 yards isn't enough for the center and the border. So the border will be something different. But I'm liking how this is shaping up. Now I get to play with my 9-patches and figure out my layout for them.

Hopefully this will happen soon! I've only got about a month to get this one done. Then I have a challenge quilt for my guild that needs to be done by July. Because I took a week and more off, I'm feeling behind. I went into the quilt studio last night, and couldn't even decide what to do. So all I managed to do was to trim some crumb blocks down to size. That's not even an active project. It didn't help that Studio Cat wanted to be in my face the whole time. So, I've got to get focused. Sheesh.


  1. Well I'm glad you had a wonderful time - give those kitties lots of snugglies! You surely did get some sewing in before you went - love those humbug bags. The rickrack on the pillowcase is inspired! They're darling. Your charity quilt is lovely, and the potholders perfect. Love those fabrics!
    I really love your liberated amish quilt. Wonky is wonderful! I can't seem to sew a straight line, so they're my favorite. Hope you get some time to finish!

  2. I've been to Skamania Lodge. It's gorgeous! My brother and his family live out in Hood River OR.

    Just put one foot in front of the other, and don't worry. We all need a break. I love the liberated amish quilt.

  3. Nice job on your sewing projects. I really love your charity quilt and liberated Amish quilt.

  4. Hi Sharon, Thanks for stopping by. Very pretty sewing projects, I see you picked up some food fabrics as well. Love those pot holders.

  5. I love the Lodge, going there in Sept. Especially the Friday night sitting! Your liberated quilt is coming along....looks good!

  6. Thanks for the chicken quilts! Hope you can find your rhythm in the studio again soon. That Brown Bear pillowcase is a winner, and the potholders are wonderful as well. It's going to be interesting to see how your liberated 9 patch turns out. :- )

  7. Love all your projects. The garlic and mushroom fabrics are so perfect for your potholders. And your liberated Amish is coming together so well - love the fact you get wonkier as you go along :-) Viv x

  8. I'm soooo mad!!! I typed out a really nice comment and when I went to post it there was an error and it didn't post my comment..@@!!??@@!!!
    So now I don't remember what all I said...but basically I said it was too bad that darned ole vacation got in the way of your quilty business!!
    I love everything and I must give those Humbug bags a try!!! goes....I will see if this one goes through!!

  9. Yippee! It worked FINALLY!! Cute potholders too!

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  11. I like your potholders! Effectiveness?? How do I make them so they are effective? I did buy some of that therma-something cloth, and made one, but it didn't seem to effective to me.
    Like your liberated quilts!


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