Sunday, October 04, 2009

My Quilt Back & Another Update

Belinda over at Brown Dirt Cottage, has asked to see our backsides - our quilt backs! She also asked if we piece our backs. My answer is Yes! I almost always have at least some piecing on a quilt back. Sometimes I'm using up leftover fabrics from the front of the quilt, and sometimes using up some stash fabrics. I usually try to have some kind of connection between the back and the front of the quilt.

Above is the back of my "Crazy For Cherries" quilt. I've shown this quilt before, but I thought it was a good example of a pieced back, so am showing it again. This one used up some of the leftovers from the front and also used up some fabrics I bought with the idea of making a cherry quilt, but didn't use for this one. This quilt back is probably the most piecing I've ever done for a backing. It sure took a long time to do - it was a giant puzzle. But it's also one of my favorites. I think this is really a 2-sided quilt. (Oh, and that wierd thing at the bottom left of the photo is a kitty tail and shadow - it's kinda hard to tell what that is!)

Here is a photo of the front of "Crazy For Cherries".

Added: You can see more of my quilt back art by going to the 'Labels' list on the side bar. I've added the label 'quilt back art' to some of my posts that show quilt backs.

I want to thank everone for their kind thoughts and healing wishes. I'm feeling much better now. Normally I would answer everyone's comments, but typing is long and kind of tough to do one-handed! (Also, please excuse any typos. Not sure I'm seeing all of them.) All of those good thoughts seem to be helping! Thank you all so much!

I'd love to say that I was doing something fun and exotic when I broke my arm, like hang-gliding or roller-blading, but no. I was taking out the trash, in the dark, after a long day doing a pottery sale. I tripped over a little rise in the concrete while trying to open the giant RV gate. Splat! I won't be taking out the trash in the dark anymore. By the time we got home from the ER, we had been up about 22 hours. We're getting too old to be keeping those kind of hours anymore, I'm afraid.

I'm able to use my broken left arm some - and, yes, I'm right-handed. Thank goodness! I've never broken my arm before, so I have no idea of how this will go. If things keep up this well, I may be able to do some sewing. But no more string blocks!! Please. I'm really tired of them. I don't know if I'll be capable of rotary cutting. Maybe working on some pre-cut squares or some crumb blocks. I'm sure you'll be hearing about it!

I just hope my sweet DH holds up. He's a great cook, so we sure won't starve. He's pretty tired right now, trying to do it all. I hope that once I can get off the pain meds I can do more. But right now I'm enjoying being waited on a little!


  1. Your Cherry quilt is wonderful. Thanks for letting us know about the special way you pieced the back. This has been fun to go around and visit other blogs about the same topic. Good luck with the arm. Hope you heal quickly.

  2. I'm so, so glad it was your left - if you must break one, it's best not to break the dominant one! Still praying for quick healing for you. No more taking out the trash!
    Your cherry quilt is AWESOME. I love the pieced back but am usually too lazy to do that.
    Feel better soon! And no replying to comments, either!

  3. That pieced back looks absolutely wonderful. Glad to hear you are soon to be on the mend.......take your time....don't try to do too much too soon though. So glad you are able to join us showing off our backs.

  4. Glad to know you are feeling a bit better. Take care of yourself and let DH take over for a while.

  5. Nice quilt back and glad you are on the mend and doing better!!! Glad it was your left and not right arm.

  6. Love your quilt and the back!
    Hope you feel better real soon.
    A husband who cooks? I'm jealous!
    Blessings to all.

  7. HELLO there....good to hear from you! I love this quilt back.....
    w--y too cute to be a back or just as cute as the front. Yes, I agree..piecing back is time consumming and difficult....LOL...seem like I could have sewn together 2 tops by the time I got my scrappy back done!! Thanks for playing along and sharing.
    So glad to hear you are s-l-o-w-l-y but surely getting better!

  8. Your cherry quilt is lovely, both front and back! Somehow I am hesitant to piece a backing, I am thinking I will want to use the fabric for a new front...
    but then I buy most fabric in 0.5 yrd. Love to have a little of a lot!
    Hope you are on a speedy recovery. Be nice to yourself!

  9. Good luck with that arm. I'm going to have to start piecing my quilt backs soon, as I'm finally using up the big pieces in my inherited stash.

  10. I am sorry to hear about your broken arm. Hope it mends soon.

    Thank you for sharing your quilt back. I have enjoyed looking at all of them and getting new ideas. I definitely need to do more piecing of my backs. Your cherry quilt is beautiful.

  11. Oh Sharon! I didn't know! (That's what I get for not poking my head out of the nest for so long.) I'm glad to hear things are going well for you now, but oh the healing time! Three months?! Maybe if you boost your vitamin D intake you'll heal a little more quickly.

    Please take care of you. Seems to me you've had more than one fairly serious injury this year. You've fulfilled your quota and then some; now cut it out!

  12. Sorry for your unfortunate accident. Yes, hang gliding accident sounds more exotic! Glad you're healing. I'd starve as hubby doesn't cook. I just love scrappy backs. Thanks for sharing.


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