Monday, March 02, 2009

Sneak Peek Reveal

Remember the sneak peek in my last post? Well, here's what I was working on. Two doll quilts for my granddaughters, who both recently had birthdays. They have more-or-less matching dolls, so they now have more-or-less matching doll quilts! The quilt above is for the 6 year old.
And this quilt is for the 4 year old. These are done with the Disappearing 9-Patch pattern, which I'd not tried before. It was easy and fun! Both quilts have mostly the same fabrics, except the whites are different white-on-white fabrics, the purple and the green (which are in the same places on both), and the borders are different fabrics. All of the fabrics used, except for the border fabric, were from my scraps. Even the backings! These quilts have no binding. The top one got lots of quilting, but when I realized that I was running out of time, I did less quilting on the 2nd quilt. I did straight-line quilting in the bodies of the quilts and "drunken bee" quilting in the borders. I don't know if it will show up well in the photos when they're enlarged.
The girls were over yesterday and we had a fun time. They both went home clutching their dollies wrapped in their quilts. *Smiles all around*

See what's in my yard? Spring can't be far behind. We had 55f today! Practially balmy!

But see what else is in my yard? Someone thinks this is a salad bar. I've also found two tulips bulbs unearthed and eaten. I'm not too happy about this. I'm pretty sure that it's the 4 big raccoons that have been hanging around. Grrr!
After doing the Disappearing 9-Patch, I have some "bonus" triangles hanging around. I don't want to just toss them. So, I was thinking of making a baby quilt for my DD's friend who just had a premature baby. I'm just not sure what fabric to put with them. So, I did a test of different color fabrics to get an idea of where to head with this.

Here are some of the triangles on blue. You see, they have small white triangles on their points which, if I put the triangles with white, would just disappear. So, that complicates matters.
I'm not sure I like the blue. Perhaps too strong with the pinks.

Then I tried a greyed purple. Kind of boring, huh? And the color didn't come out well in the photo either.

Here's a not-too-bright lime-y green. I think this has good contrast, without being overwhelming.

And here they are on a pink/white/green plaid. Cute, but perhaps too low contrast. Which is not necessarily bad for a baby quilt, I guess.
I'm liking the green and the pink plaid fabrics the best. But these probably aren't the fabrics I would use - I don't have enough of them for the whole quilt. The problem is, I don't have many pastels. They're not a favorite of mine, and I don't buy them often. So, this means a trip to the quilt store. (Oh, the hardship! But someone has to do it!) The triangles are 4 3/8 inches (raw edges) on their short sides, just so you have an idea of how big they are. I have 40 triangles, 2 of each fabric. I sure could use some opinions on which color direction to go. Also, if you have a better/different idea of how to put these together, that would be interesting also. Thanks!
Shade seemed partial to the blue!


  1. Cute doll quilts!

    I like the green spotted background for your triangles. Just my opinion.

    OK..7* here this snow just lots of frost. The sun is shining and someone said they saw a purple crocus in bloom. I have not see any color yet!

  2. no, Shade, no blue. that's definitely my least favorite. you're not going to believe this, but I really really liked the grayed purple. don't know what it looks like in real life, but it has a wonderful softness in the pic. How about mixing up the green dots and the pinks - go random?

  3. Well, I guess I'm the odd man out because I liked the blue best, quickly followed by the green.

    You're doll quilts are lovely. Fabulous gifts for your grand daughters!

  4. I like the blue the best, though the green is nice too. The blue is a crisp contrast to the pinks.

  5. My vote is for the green...I guess
    I'm just ready to see some green already!.....your GD quilts are so tiny, cute and sweet....I like the
    color combinations you used on those too!!

  6. Lovely doll quilts! I've never seen the disappearing 9 patch turn out that way before. And I love the idea of "drunken bee" quilting - I'll have to remember that the next time I need to do some random quilting :- )

    I think I like the blue best with the triangles, but I don't completely trust color reproduction online. If I think of a unique way to use those triangles I'll let you know!

  7. I like the grands quilts. I am sure their dolls will like them, too! At last, some new growth coming from the soil.

  8. cute doll quilts! i'm wondering how big yours are. i never know what is the best size to actually use with a doll. so did you choose the green? i really liked that the best.

  9. Actually (and you won't believe this coming from me), I like the blue the best, and the pink second. The green is coming across as a kind of nasty pea-soupish thing on my monitor (and even on R's), though, so I might have a different opinion if I could see it IRL. :)


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