Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Fall Quilt

This is my Scarecrow quilt, that I always hang by the front door for fall. This was a pattern from a Piecemaker's calendar many years ago.

I used a fusible for the applique, but I didn't "window" it, so the poor scarecrow looks pretty stiff! And I think I'd add more quilting now, as it's kind of poufy. (I may still do that, depending on how much it bothers me!)
I felt that the plain borders, in spite of the busy fabric, were just too - well, plain. So I added some flying geese. Appropriate for fall, I guess! However, these geese seem to be confused - hahaha!
When I was shooting pictures today, Dunkel couldn't get onto the Scarecrow quilt for his usual hijinks, as it was on the wall when I photographed it. So, he got on the half-wall on the stairs. He usually gets on the tippy-top part (which you can't quite see in this photo), and that gives me the heebie-jeebies! I'm always afraid he'll fall, which is about 12 feet down. He knows it "pushes my button" - naughty cat! As you can see, he's pretty comfortable with the whole thing. He does the same thing up top too. He even tries to snag my arm when I walk past him. I try to not even look at him! In case you can't tell, yes, I'm afraid of heights.
I've finally finished the Secret Project for my sister. (Yay! Another finish!) I'm waaayyy late for her birthday (in August), so it will be an "I Love You" gift. I can't show you how it came out until she receives it, just in case she reads my blog. Soon, I promise!
We've had just wonderful warm weather the last few days. The high was in the low 80's and we even got to wear shorts! But, alas, the usual rain and chilly weather will be returning in a few days. *sigh* It was nice while it lasted. My allergies have been miserable, but I still enjoyed the warmth. Still haven't gotten the pansies planted. My bad.
I've only got 2 links to share this time:
If, like me, you're fascinated with the Disappearing 9-Patch, you need to visit Dionne who has lots of links on her blog. I love seeing how many different ways one pattern can look!
One of my favorite quilters is Mary Lou Weidman. Check out her blog. She's really "into" fall!
And, one last thing for September. I think this little video of a sneaky cat is so funny. I hope you enjoy it too! (Watch the kitty carefully.)
See you in October!


  1. Yikes...your cat cracks me up. So relaxed and comfy. Great scarecrow. I haven't thought about Piecemakers in years. I used to get their calendars.

  2. Your little scarecrow is adorable! I'm attempting a fall applique to decorate my front porch. I have no clue what I'm doing...just used freezer paper. Your flying geese are a great touch. I'm gonna add some to my creation, too.

  3. Cute, cute scarecrow. How perfect for this time of year - and I really think the flying geese added to it. blessings, marlene

  4. Sharon: I have a scarecrow like yours. I received mine in a swap years ago. It was made by Sue E. in our guild. I display it at this time of year, too. I am so glad to see Marylou Weidman's blog address in your post. I took a class from her a few years ago and enjoyed it so much. Lots of fun.

  5. I made this very same scarecrow quilt many years ago. Your's is very cute!

  6. Dunkel's a sweetie. sorry to hear that you're scared of heights in your own house. yeesh. fun sneaky cat video.

  7. Nice scarecrow! B wants to know how many cats you have and thanks you for the nice compliment on her quilt design!

  8. That was a cute video! Okay, so I don't know what "Window it" means. Enlighten me please Miss Sharon! We're going to miss you at PIQF and Retreat! :(

  9. Thank you for the video! It had me laughing out loud :- )

    I think your addition of flying geese to the border of the scarecrow was just the right touch!

  10. I just discovered your blog, and am looking forward to looking it over, but so far am very much enjoying what I have seen. I love your scarecrow quilt, it is autumny and colorful.


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