Sunday, August 17, 2008

Last of the Quilt Show with a Little Whine

We have had such hot weather (for us) this weekend! Yesterday it was 90 degrees officially, but I think it was hotter. Today was 87 and very high humidity. Our average temp for yesterday is 75 degrees, so that's why the hot weather is so tough. It comes on really fast and usually doesn't last long, so we're not used to it. And us former Californians sure aren't used to humidity! Tomorrow's high is supposed to be 70 degrees! (Yeah!!) It was too hot yesterday to do anything but sit in front of the fans (more on that below). I hate the heat - I get very nauseous. Even the kitties were miserable! They cried at us for a bit and then gave up and just lay in front of the fans. They looked as miserable as I felt. Today was just a shade better heat-wise but the humidity off-set that. Now we are having rain, and I think I can hear some thunder. I hope I can get done with this post before the storm makes me turn off the computer! But, YEAH for cooler weather! *OK, I'm through whining.*

Here are the last of my photos of the Pacific Northwest Quiltfest. I hope you enjoy them! (and again, I apologize for not knowing the title of the quilt or the name of the quiltmaker.)

Aren't they all just beautiful and inspiring? And, to give credit where credit is due, my sister took most of the photos of the quilt show. I was having technical difficulties (user error!) with my camera.
While I was sitting in front of the fan today and yesterday, sweating through the heat and the Olympic marathon and the Little League World Series, etc, etc., I looked through all my project boxes, seeing what I've got ahead of me, and trying to thin the pack a little. I won't tell you how many project boxes I have, but you need two hands to count them. Not much luck in the thinning department, but I have gotten a good idea of what I have. Some projects only need a little bit, like button eyes on the cat or some such, and some of the projects are nothing more than a group of fabrics. No plan, no pattern, just fabrics. I really was surprised how many of them just need a little something to be done. So, I think I will start working on those! I'm really into quick, easy satisfaction at this point!
Now, I will make a list of all the projects and then prioritize it. (I love making lists. It makes me feel like I actually did something. Not that I did much, but it feels like it! My whole family loves the list thing.) I hope that this will motivate me to finish some of these things! *crossing fingers*


  1. Thanks for sharing the quilt show pictures! They all are so gorgeous!
    Yes, I'm hearing you, I have the same problem. Too many unfinished projects and not enough ummmph to muster the energy to even look at them. I make lists on my wipe board above my sewing machine. It's a reminder right in front of me. Helps a lot.

  2. Wow - these photos/quilts are gorgeous. I especially like those with texture - very intriguing. Thanks so much for these art pieces.

    Funny - first I had to learn to get everything smooth and flat, then I find myself leaning toward the puckering of the old 30s quilts, and now I LOVE those with intentional puckering and folding. huh???? 8-) Talk about a journey, right?

  3. Your photos are gorgeous. I was at the same show, and took pictures of entirely different quilts! Of course, I only posted my children's favorite quilts. There were so many wonderful ones to choose from.

    PS - It's really cooled off now!


  4. I love that top quilt of rocks and pebbles. ooh, and love black with bright colors. I'd be whining like crazy too if it were that hot. It's cooled down here a lot, only 57 degrees right now.


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